Rabbit breeding tips

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The breeding stock should be selected when they reach 4 to 5 weeks old. The breeder should be selected from the biggest litter. In males, it’s extremely essential to see the presence of two testicles in the scrotum as testicles descend down from the body cavity at 12 weeks of age.

  1. Extensive type of reproduction:-
    Weaning here practiced is 5 to 6 weeks and re-breeding shortly after weaning. Does are therefore mated once every 2.5 months. This is the best suited for tropical countries like India.
  2. Semi intensive reproduction
    Weaning is practised at 4-5 weeks of age. Intensive reproduction
    Weaning is at 4 weeks of age. Mating is done immediately after kindling. Usually this practise is followed in western countries.
    Always females should be placed to the pen of male to avoid fighting. Mating should be performed during coolest portion of the day like early morning or late evening. After successful breeding the male usually generates a typical cry noise and falls down on one side of the female. Shortly after the mating the male one needs to be removed from the cage. The male shouldn’t be more than 3 to 4 times in a week and not more than 2 to 3 times a day. The ratio of male to female is 1:10. Both genders should reach 70 percent of the adult body weight.
    The breeding season is almost throughout year. But in India, autumn stress is encountered during hot weather.
    Signals of heat in females
  3. They are spontaneous ovulators. Ovulation starts 10 hours after mating.
  4. In warmth, the female bunny accepts man, otherwise it rejects.
  5. In heat, the female assumes a typical pose called”lordosis” where the spine is arched downward and hind quarter is raised.
  6. The female one in di-estrous phage crouch in the corner of the cage.
  7. After kindling (parturition), the re breeding happens after one week in intensive direction. But normally re-mating is shown one week before weaning.
  8. When temperature rises above 36 degree centigrade, temporary sterility happens.

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